How to enable SSH on Cisco routers and switches?

How to enable SSH on Cisco routers and switches?

I have set DNS domain name with “ IP domain-name ” command.Then configure the router to use RSA key pair with modulus size of 1024 bites for remote service authentication with “ crypto key generate rsa” command.Add username “ Admin ” with Password of “ Technig ” for ssh authentication.Enabled ssh with “ line vty 0 4 ” command.More items…

How to configure Cisco switch basically?

To configure a DG on your Cisco switch:First, make sure the DG is on the same network.DG must have the proper routes to route such packets.Then, enter global configuration mode and issue the following command.

How to configure DNS for Cisco routers and switches?

These Cisco DNS Server configuration steps are below:Enable DNS ServerEnable Domian LookupPublic Name Server ConfigurationHost / IP Address MappingsRouter Interface IP ConfigurationHosts IP ConfigurationConfiguration Verification

How to configured management VLAN on Cisco switch?

VLAN ConfigurationLog in to the web configuration utility and choose VLAN Management > VLAN Settings.To add a VLAN, click the plus icon. The Add VLAN window appears.There are two ways to create a VLAN. …Add the following fields for the new VLANs. …To create a range of VLANs, click the Range radio button. …Click Apply to save your configuration.