Should you cancel a power washing rental when it rains?

Should you cancel a power washing rental when it rains?

Having set up to rent a power washer or hire a service, the day arrives and you are greeted by a sky that looks threatening. The dark, heavy clouds let you know it is going to rain at any minute. Should you cancel the power washing? The answer is both yes and no, depending on some other factors.

Is power washing possible in the rain?

Power washing is possible in the rain. Don’t just jump into it, however. Safety precautions need to be taken, the equipment you use needs to be maintained in a certain manner and approved for use in the rain, and you need to know how to keep yourself safe throughout the process.

What is the best weather for power washing?

The same thing happens when it comes to power washing. Sun expedites the drying process of our detergent and water mix. While our technicians are certainly trained to handle any conditions, including a scorching sun, an overcast sky is ideal for power washing.

Can you use a pressure washer in the rain?

However, In most cases, you can pressure wash in the rain, as long as you can keep your pressure washer from getting rained on, and you can stay safe from how slippery surfaces will get. What happens if a pressure washer gets wet? How to stay safe in the rain while pressure washing.