What are the most common water softener problems?

What are the most common water softener problems?

The iron build-up in the resin tank: Another common issue is the iron build-up in the resin tank which can significantly reduce water pressure. You can prevent this issue by adding a mineral cleaner to the resin tank and by setting more frequent regeneration cycles. 9. Water Softener Problems Salty Taste

Do water softeners have salt in them?

Water softeners are designed to prevent minerals from scaling on your pipes and fixtures, but funnily enough, they are subject to salt – which is still a mineral – scaling inside the tank and within the system’s lines. Recommended Reading: How Much Salt Does A Water Softener Use?

Why do I need to air check my water softener?

Why Air Check Is Necessary. Brine suction / Rinse cycle last 50 minutes. It takes only 20 minutes to suck out all the salt water. Valve continues to create suction, while slowly "rinsing" the salt out of the resin tank. Air Check is what prevents air from getting sucked into the softener’s resin tank. If you get AIR, yours is NOT "checking".

Why is there air in my water lines after my softener regenerates?

If you notice AIR in the water lines the morning after your softener has regenerated, AND the brine water level is normal ( meaning the valve has been sucking the water out and refilling properly ), then the problem is caused by the "air check" failing to close ( check ).