What color paint goes with pine furniture?

What color paint goes with pine furniture?

For feminine appeal, consider the softening influences of lavender and yellow, or opt for petal pink and sea-foam green with your pine wood for a sweet contrast. To achieve dramatic contrast with pine, kick it up a few notches on the paint color chip to include hunter green and deep wine for masculine appeal.

What does knotty pine paneling look like?

Traditional knotty pine is characterized by warm yellow to orange colors; the wood is often stained and varnished. In traditional paneling, the boards are narrow with rounded edges that create a complex texture along with the knot pattern. This look complements Mid-Century Modern, rustic and country decor.

What colors go with knotty pine walls and floors?

Paint colors that go with knotty pine walls, floors and cabinets include neutral shades of white, beige and taupe; sage green; country blue; and pastel shades.

What is the difference between knotty pine and contemporary decor?

Contemporary decor uses lighter shades of knotty pine, which are often achieved by bleaching or whitewashing. In contemporary paneling, the boards are frequently unvarnished, wider with smooth edges and placed horizontally. When selecting paint colors, pay attention to the color temperature of the knotty pine.