What happened to Anne Boleyn's accomplice Lady Jane Rochford?

What happened to Anne Boleyn’s accomplice Lady Jane Rochford?

Directly following her execution, Lady Jane Rochford – Katherine’s accomplice – laid her head on the bloody block and suffered the same way. Both women were buried under the altar in the chapel near Anne and George Boleyn’s bodies.

Why was Jane Boleyn called Viscountess Rochford?

George Boleyn was given the title Viscount Rochford in 1529 as a mark of royal favor, and Jane became known as Viscountess Rochford ("Lady Rochford" was the appropriate form of direct address). Despite all these material gains, Jane’s marriage was probably an unhappy one.

Who was Viscountess Rochford?

Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford, born Jane Parker (circa 1505 – February 13, 1542), was a noblewoman and a courtier at the court of Henry VIII of England.

Who played Lady Jane Boleyn in the Tudors?

Lady Jane Boleyn (nee Parker), Viscountess Rochford is the ill-fated wife (and later widow) of George Boleyn, Lord of Rochford, in The Tudors. She is played by Irish actress Joanne King in a recurring role in Seasons 2 through 4.