What is a cluster of snow crab?

What is a cluster of snow crab?

A cluster of snow crab is a group of legs that are attached to some of the snow crab’s body. These snow crab leg clusters contain a portion of the crab’s body meat.

How many snow crabs are in a pound?

For large legs, this totals to roughly 4 pounds of crab. Jumbo snow crab legs are the next size up. For this size category, there are 2 snow crab clusters per 1.75 pounds.

How big are giant snow crab legs?

Large snow crab legs are often listed interchangeably with giant ones. Although the name implies they are very big, giant legs are actually one of the smaller size categories. An order of giant snow crab will get you 2 leg clusters in 1 ½ pounds. Remember that a cluster is the legs from half of a crab connected with a small portion of the body.

How many crab legs are in a cluster at fresh lobster?

If you want 1 snow crab cluster, you can purchase snow crab clusters with 8 to 9 legs per pound for $22.25 from The Fresh Lobster Company, LLC. What you will find often with online orders is that there are 2 clusters of snow crab per pound.