What is a royal tale all about?

What is a royal tale all about?

A Royal Tale is a roleplay series by BluJay Studios that premiered on December 23, 2017. It was a spin-off of MyStreet and Minecraft Diaries that had several all-new characters, set in a universe full of royalty and gods. It also drew inspiration from many, many fairy tales such as Rapunzel and Cinderella. Without going into spoilers.

Is aphmau in love with Aaron?

Princess Aphmau: In this series, Aphmau is not actually the main protagonist. Her kingdom is unknown to the fans, though she loves it all the same and clearly wants to rule it. Before the events of the series, she was in a relationship with Aaron, but that relationship turned into bitter rivalry when Aaron destroyed her kingdom’s crystal.

Is aphmau the main character in this series?

This series is the first series to technically not have Aphmau as the main protagonist, but still have her as a character. This series also has some old characters, but with roles they never had before. The series is highly influenced by Disney and includes tropes from several films.

What happens to aphmau and Jenny in the Little Prince?

He himself has a crush on Princess Aphmau and wants to marry her, but then gains interest for a peasant named Jenny. After giving Jenny a tour of the castle, he runs into his father, who is then revealed to be an evil warlock plotting to rule over all kingdoms.