What is gocertificates?

What is gocertificates?

GoCertificates offers secure your birth, death, marriage or divorce certificate whether it is over the internet, or by fax, phone, or mail. We also offer marriage license applications and Name Change Kits in certain jurisdictions. Need to file a complaint?

Are Google certifications worth it for entry level jobs?

In a vast majority of the entry level jobs in my area, none of them are asking for google certs. So focus your efforts on getting certs that are going to get you the job. I would say get A+/Net+/Sec+. Security+ is huge and is a minimum requirement for the DoD. Those Google Career certificates are junk.

Is the CompTIA A+ certificate worth it?

I am skeptical and do not want to be taken advantage. Let me know if you got a job, which certificate you got and your employer (only if you are comfortable, as I just wanted to do research to see what they expect at work.). The Comptia A+ and Network+ are far more valuable than the Google certificates.