What is target’s return policy for gift cards?

What is target’s return policy for gift cards?

Target, for example, has a generous return policy. The Target.com FAQ says, “Physical Target GiftCards can be returned in store with a receipt if unused” and “Your Target® Visa®, Mastercard® or American Express® Gift Card can be returned to any Target store with a valid, original-purchase receipt.

Can you return a third-party gift card?

Each retailer has its own policy. Some stores typically don’t allow returns. Other stores, however, will let you return a third-party gift card within a short period of time after purchase so long as you have the purchase receipt and haven’t used the card.

Can I return a gift card I received as a gift?

Some will allow you to return only a physical card, not an e-card. Most require that the card be unused and that the original purchase receipt be presented—which means you will have to contact your gift-giver and let him or her know that their gift wasn’t exactly what you wanted.

Can I refund a gift that was purchased with a visa?

If the gift receipt shows the cardholder used a Visa card to make the purchase, you can refund the gift recipient on his or her Visa card instead of the cardholder’s. If the gift wasn’t purchased with a Visa card, you’ll have to offer an alternate form of credit (like cash, in-store credit, a gift card, etc.)