What is the difference between a 41TE and a 62TE?

What is the difference between a 41TE and a 62TE?

Other Changes from the 41TE to the 62TE The 62TE valve body has nine (9) check balls (used for plugs) and four used in the hydraulic shift control circuit: The 9 check balls used for plugs are non removable.

What are the problems with a 62TE transmission?

Slipping, Erratic Shifting, Harsh Forward or Reverse Gear Engagement: Some of the most common 62TE transmission problems are slipping between gears, erratic up or down shifts, or a hard slam when the 62TE transmission engages Drive or Reverse. Design flaws account for numerous problems in the transmission.

What does the warranty cover on a 62TE?

The warranty is nationwide coverage and attached to the VIN so it is transferable with ownership if you decide to sell the vehicle. It also covers both parts and labor for the installation of the replacement transmission. We have a full catalog of products that can help you resolve any of your 62TE problems.

How to find out what’s wrong with my 62TE?

If this is something new, would more suspect a wiring or connection problem first. The dealer 62TE simulator tool may see the problem source quickly. The TCM can store Event Data for later viewing, but that would take more than a code reader and more like a factory scan tool. For a wiring diagram, this may help.