What is the difference between zucchini&straight neck squash?

What is the difference between zucchini&straight neck squash?

Although yellow zucchini and yellow straight neck squash have a similar color, their shape is different. Zucchini grows long and cylindrical and the diameter of the fruit does not change from end to end. Yellow straight neck squash tapers to a narrow neck where it attaches to the vine.

Can you grow straight neck squash in North America?

Prior to the development of the zucchini the Yellow straightneck and crookneck were the two most popular types of summer squash grown in North America. Like many summer squashes the Yellow Straightneck is easy to grow and will be a prolific fruiter provided it is given ample sun exposure and grown in well-drained soil.

What is the history of the straightneck squash?

Yellow Straightneck squash is believed to have come about as an offspring of the yellow crookneck squash. Studies on squash DNA done by Vegetable Crop Research Scientist Dr. Harry Paris indicate that the Straightneck squash was a result of an out-crossing of a cultivator of the crookneck group with a cultivator of the acorn group.

What is the difference between crookneck and yellow Straightneck squash?

Yellow Straightneck squash closely resembles the yellow crookneck squash with a tapering cylinder shape, but unlike the crookneck does not have a curved neck. The skin may be pebbled with bumps or smooth, encasing a paler yellow or white flesh. For best flavor and texture the squash should be harvested when five to six inches in length or less.