What is venison backstrap?

What is venison backstrap?

Venison backstrap is a cut of meat from a deer. On a whole deer, the backstraps run along the length of the spine. The backstrap is considered one of the most tender cuts of meat on a deer because the muscle itself is rarely used. In general, the more a muscle is used, the tougher it becomes.

What part of the cow is the shank cut off?

The shank, or leg, is usually cut across the body part into discs. You’ll recognize them in the meat case by their round shape, and cooks know to slowly braise the center cross-cut and serve it as osso buco. Cajun beef gumbo is enhanced by the foreshank. The meat situated under ribs six through12 of the steer are just "going along for the ride."

What is a backstrap steak?

3 : a strip of meat from the area along the spinal column of a quadruped animal (such as a lamb or deer) As for backstraps—the muscles parallel to an animal’s spine and generally tender in four-footed game because it’s not weight-bearing like a haunch or shoulder—and ribs and tenderloins, these should be saved for roasting or grilling.— T. C. …

What part of the deer is the backstrap?

The backstrap is considered one of the more tender parts of a deer. After the cuts have been made to separate the backstrap from the spine, a cut is made across the backstrap all the way to the ribs near the first cut.