What percentage do you need to pass the CPA exam?

What percentage do you need to pass the CPA exam?

Each quarter of every year, the AICPA releases the average CPA Exam Pass Rates, broken down by section. The cumulative pass rate percentages vary slightly per section and per quarter, but tend to hover around 45-55%. See previous years’ pass rates for each section of the CPA Exam. CPA Exam Pass Rates

What are the 2019 CPA exam pass rates in Australia?

2019 CPA Exam Pass Rates Section Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 AUD 48.56% 55.11% 51.94% 47.88% BEC 58.00% 59.74% 63.04% 58.61% FAR 44.43% 49.37% 50.29% 40.57% REG 50.23% 58.66% 58.41% 55.89%

How did Q1 2020 CPA exam pass rates compare to Q1 2017?

Oftentimes, Q1 test-takers tend to have lower pass rates than the year’s cumulative average, and that was the case for AUD in Q1 2020. In fact, AUD’s Q1 2020 pass rate was almost 5% lower than all of 2020. But still, more people passed AUD in Q1 2020 than Q1 2017. More test-takers passed BEC in Q1 2020 than any other CPA Exam section in 2020.

How hard is the far CPA exam in 2021?

The average cumulative pass rate for the FAR CPA Exam section in 2021 is 44.7%. That gives FAR the lowest pass rate out of all four sections of the CPA exam. This follows typical trends as FAR has consistently had the lowest pass rate over the years and is considered to be the hardest section of the exam because of how comprehensive it is.