What size laundry baskets and hampers do I Need?

What size laundry baskets and hampers do I Need?

Laundry baskets and hampers come in an array of sizes, shapes, and styles, and you probably need more than one. A standard plastic laundry basket is roughly 23 inches long, 17 to 19 inches wide, and approximately 10.5 inches tall. However, you can find options both smaller and larger than this, so there’s certainly no set size.

Why is it important to have a laundry basket?

In addition to a powerful washing machine and good detergent, a quality laundry basket will help you power through your laundry and get back to the things you enjoy. What makes a good laundry basket? For one, it should be big enough to comfortably hold a load of laundry —but not so big that it’s unwieldy to carry.

What are the dimensions of a rolling laundry basket?

The standard rolling laundry basket has dimensions of 22.5 inches or 57 centimeters for the height, a width of 21.5 or 55 centimeters, and a basket depth of 16.75 inches or about 43 centimeters. For this size, it can hold up to 1.75 bushels of laundry.

What are the different types of laundry baskets?

They are available in short and wide styles as well as tall and long styles. If you’re short on space, look for a collapsible basket. They can fold down, making it easier to store when not in use. Rolling baskets: If you need some extra help getting your clothes to and from the washer, consider a rolling laundry basket.