What types of cards are compatible with the card reader Gen3?

What types of cards are compatible with the card reader Gen3?

The reader is compatible with SD and Micro SD cards, as well as Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB connectors. Download the free app for Apple or Android and you’ll be ready to quickly scan photos in the field with the Card Reader Gen3. Still Need More Information? We’re Here to Help!

How do I get the Moultrie SD card reader?

You need the free file manager app to use for the Moultrie SD Card Reader. You can get this app on App Store i.e. using the iBrary link (for Apple devices), or on Google Play Store using the ES File Explorer (for Android phones) Does SD Card Reader Work with iPhone? SD card readers work with iPhones.

How do I download the Moultrie mobile app?

Moultrie Mobile features a convenient, easy-to-use app to help you manage your Moultrie Mobile account. Follow the instructions below to download the Moultrie Mobile App to your phone. Search for and Select Moultrie Mobile from your App Store. Select Install. Select Open.

How do I Register my Moultrie mobile cellular trail camera?

The Moultrie Mobile system is simple: Use the app or go to create an account and register your Moultrie Mobile Cellular Trail Camera or Field Modem. The Moultrie Mobile app features a built-in scanner to quickly and easily register your Moultrie Mobile device.