Where can I find a Pondie in Sea of thieves?

Where can I find a Pondie in Sea of thieves?

Pondies can be a hard fish to find in Sea of Thieves if you don’t know where to look. As their name implies, all five Pondie variants can only be caught in certain freshwater ponds located on different islands. Pondies are tied with Splashtails for selling at the lowest price to The Hunter’s Call.

Where can I catch a bright Pondie?

Bright Pondie can be caught in Ponds. Bright Pondies require no Bait to catch. Rare fish varieties like the Bright Pondie are hard to come across and are worth significantly more Gold and experience than the other four varieties. (Fish only stack if of the same type, trophy status, and cooked status.)

Can you fish in the pond in Sea of thieves?

Though there are other ponds in Sea of Thieves, they are too small to fish in or don’t contain Pondies. You can usually find where a pond is located on each island above by going to your Map Table and zooming in on the island as much as possible. A small body of water should be visible on the island, which is the pond.

What does the bright Pondie do?

The Bright Pondie is a species of Fish caught in Ponds. It is a form of consumable Food, and can be cooked for healing effects. Fish of all forms can be cooked on the Ship ‘s Stove, or Campfires on Islands. Fish can be eaten to regain lost health. Each fish can be eaten twice. Cooked Fish give a Health Regeneration bonus when eaten.