Where did Abigail Abbott grow up?

Where did Abigail Abbott grow up?

Abbott was raised in San Antonio, Texas by her parents, both of whom were educators, and she had three siblings. Abbott graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School. She then attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she met her future husband, Greg Abbott. [2]

Who is Greg Abbott’s wife?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been busy handling the state’s response to Hurricane Harvey, is married to Cecilia Abbott. Born Cecilia Phalen, she is the first Latina First Lady of Texas since it became a U.S. state. Abbott and the 55-year-old Cecilia have an adopted daughter, 20-year-old Audrey.

Who is Cecilia Abbott?

Most importantly, Cecilia is a proud mother to her daughter, Audrey, and a devoted wife to her husband of 40 years, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. With her husband’s election as Governor, Cecilia made history by becoming the first Hispanic First Lady of Texas. The Abbott Family lives in Austin with the First Dogs of Texas, Pancake and Peaches.

Will Cecilia Abbott be the first Latina First Lady of Texas?

In a 2014 interview on NBC News’ Meet The Press after he won his 2014 election, Abbott said Cecilia will become the first Latina First Lady of Texas. This is, as Politifact points out, true.