Who is John McMahon?

Who is John McMahon?

McMahon appeared in television commercials for a company similar to Publishers Clearing House that was named American Family Publishers. However, we found little if any evidence that he ever delivered big checks to doorsteps:

Is Ed McMahon a PCH spokesperson?

If you do a Google search for Ed McMahon and PCH, you’ll come up with over 300,000 websites that mention both names together. Ed McMahon was never a spokesperson for Publishers Clearing House. He worked for a rival company called American Family Publishers, while PCH winners have always been notified by their popular Prize Patrol .

Was Jim McMahon in the Publishers Clearing House TV commercials?

Some readers might fondly remember Publishers Clearing House television commercials from past decades where sweepstakes winners were notified at their doorsteps by PCH Prize Patrol that they had won large cash prizes, sometimes with a big check. However, McMahon never appeared in the ads.

Did Ed McMahon give big checks to Publishers Clearing House winners?

Entertainer Ed McMahon never handed out big checks at the doorsteps of Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prize winners, nor did he ever work for the company. However, there appears to be a large number of Americans who believe that he did. This is an example of a false memory, known as the “ Mandela Effect .”