Why do flies swarm my porch?

Why do flies swarm my porch?

Flies swarm your porch for the food and breeding places it provides, bringing noise and disease along with them. Eliminate the attractions on your porch and you eliminate the flies. If anyone has recently eaten on your porch, this may be the cause of your fly problem. Flies eat some of the same things people like to eat, including sugary foods.

How do you get rid of light swarms of flies?

Aerosol sprays of pyrethrin, resmethrin or propoxur can help control light swarms, both outdoors and inside. Outdoor bug zappers can help control large populations of flies during the peak swarm months of March and April.

Are flies on your porch a health risk?

Aside from being a noisy, bothersome addition to your porch gatherings, flies are a health risk. Due to the less-than-sanitary places they frequent, they often spread illness to humans. Illnesses flies spread include tuberculosis, dysentery and typhoid.

How to get rid of flies on your porch or patio?

To get rid of outdoor flies on your porch or patio, you first need to identify the source of the flies. This may involve looking for areas of standing water or excavating debris that may be trapped in cracks or crevices. Once you have located the source of the problem, you can then take steps to clean up the area.