Why is my damprid turning to liquid?

Why is my damprid turning to liquid?

If DampRid® turns to liquid form in a matter of days, this signals significant humidity and may indicate a serious moisture problem that should be looked into by a professional contractor or inspector. DampRid® crystals may turn colour — often brownish, orange, reddish, pinkish — from trace amounts of minerals in them.

How do I remove damprid crystals from the collected liquid?

To remove the crystals, run water over the formation until it dissolves. Should I empty the collected liquid before all the DampRid crystals have dissolved? No, instead of evaporating into the air, the liquid will continue to absorb a small amount of moisture.

How do damprid crystals work?

Crystals harden as they collect moisture DampRid crystals work immediately to absorb excess moisture from the air. The crystals harden and form a solid mass. Then they begin to dissolve and liquid will begin to drip into the bottom chamber.

Why did the top of my damprid crystals change color?

The top of the crystals may change color from impurities called bromide, which do not affect DampRid’s performance. How long will this product control moisture? The Refillable Moisture Absorber provides up to 45 days of moisture control, depending on temperature and conditions.