Can I transport my granite?

Can I transport my granite?

With an A-frame, clamps, and the proper vehicle, homeowners can transport their granite without hassle.

What are a-frames for granite transport?

Our innovative A-Frames for granite transport use heavy-duty steel and premium-grade enamel point for a vibrant look and reliable hold. Depending on the size and specifications you need, you can enjoy an A-Frame designed with the following features:

What is an a frame for granite countertops?

"To support the stone, professional installers use A-frames — wooden structures in the shape of the letter “A.” Leaning the granite against the slope of the “A” gives it even support. A-frames are built with 2x4s at a 10-degree angle.

Can a granite countertop fit in a truck?

Placed in the bed of a pickup truck, an A-frame can support enough granite for a large kitchen. However, smaller A-frames can be built to fit in a van, SUV, or trailer. Many granite shops have A-frames and clamps available for a returnable deposit.