Did Hannah Baker leave a tape for Clay Jensen in 13 reasons why?

Did Hannah Baker leave a tape for Clay Jensen in 13 reasons why?

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why saw Hannah Baker posthumously confront those who contributed to her eventual suicide, but she also left a tape for her friend, Clay Jensen – here’s why.

Do we ever learn what role Clay played in the tapes?

Of course, we do eventually learn what role Clay played. Unlike many of the other tapes’ subjects, Clay’s actions were not nefarious. But still, we do realize that he likely could have prevented Hannah from experiencing certain events that ultimately led to her downward spiral.

What happened to clay in Season 2 of 13 reasons why?

In season two, months after Hannah’s suicide, Clay and the other people mentioned on the tapes, as well as close friends and Hannah’s family members, become embroiled in a civil legal battle between Hannah’s parents and Liberty High School.

How many tapes does clay listen to in 13 reasons why?

After listening to 10 tapes, Clay finally makes it to the role he played in Hannah’s suicide. And we learn that Clay likely could have prevented much of what Hannah experienced in the prior two tapes. Again, we are at Jessica’s party, where Clay and Hannah are beginning to hit it off.