How can I avoid losing my fetch account and points?

How can I avoid losing my fetch account and points?

Keep your Fetch account details private, never share with anyone. Finally, use your Fetch Rewards account regularly to avoid losing your account and points. Whenever one of your online accounts, memberships, or subscriptions is suspended or banned, it’s frustrating.

What happened to my fetch rewards account?

While losing access to your Fetch Rewards account wouldn’t be considered a crisis, it is an annoyance. You’ve diligently snapped pics of every receipt, followed the rules, and somehow your account got suspended anyway. Don’t give in. Let DoNotPay help you appeal the account suspension and get your account reinstated quickly

Can you get banned from fetch rewards for using fake receipts?

You can absolutely get banned from using Fetch Rewards. And if you get banned, it’s unlikely you can create a new account unless you get a brand new phone number and lie about your identity. I hope this guide on using fake receipts with Fetch Rewards has helped explain how this cheat works, the risks, and why I don’t think it’s worth it.