How do you unclog a toilet that has been clogged?

How do you unclog a toilet that has been clogged?

There are a few natural recipes to unclog your toilet if you think the clog is not too serious. For things like toilet paper or hard poop, then you can DIY a liquid to dislodge the clog. For more serious clogs that need to be dissolved, like from flushable wipes that aren’t actually flushable, then you’ll need some chemical to get it flowing again.

Is Drano good for unclogging a toilet?

Drano is not ideal for unclogging a toilet, as it is simply not designed for this purpose. The chemicals in Drano are good at breaking down materials such as soap scum and food fragments. Still, toilet clogs do not contain this type of material. A blockage in the plumbing typically causes blockages in toilets.

Can Flushing too much Drano cause a clog?

Flushing large amounts can certainly lead to clogs. Toys are a common cause for clogs, so teach kids what shouldn’t go down the toilet. Use Drano ® Max Build-Up Remover on a monthly basis to help prevent plumbing problems.