Is the almond industry losing bees?

Is the almond industry losing bees?

According to a new feature published by The Guardian this week, the American almond industry may be tipping the scales with their huge demand for honeybees to pollinate their orchards, and could be to blame for the loss of billions of bees over the last year alone.

Are almond farmers using nectar and pollen to repopulate their hives?

Since the demand has been so high, almond growers have started to farm their fields earlier than ever. A recent NPR report claims that some almond farmers are using pollen and nectar substitutes to get bees to repopulate their hives in the dead of winter, when bees are supposed to be dormant.

Is almond milk killing bees?

A new report has found that almond milk is responsible for killing bees. A popular dairy-free alternative, almond milk is actually doing more environmental harm than we thought, according to reporting from the Guardian. Almond Milk is Killing Bees – One Green Planet

Is almond milk the new dairy?

Almond is the new dairy — but it depends on an animal much smaller than a cow. Your beloved almond milk requires almonds, which grow on trees with flowers, which require bees to pollinate them. And as the Atlantic noted in "The Dark Side of Almond Use," the booming almond industry needs a ton of bees.